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  • Panzer General Online

    • Tags War, Strategy, Browser MMOs

    Be the General - Take command Panzer General Online represents a new direction for the legendary Panzer General series. It focuses on turn-based tactical ...

  • Pandaemonic - Lords ...

    • Players 5K
    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Strategy, ...

    Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions is a strategy browser game set in a desolate, war-torn fantasy world. Take the role of a daemon lord of ...

  • Epic Duel

    • Players 15K
    • Tags Anime, Role-playing, Browser MMOs

  • Eternal Saga

    • Players 12K
    • Tags Anime, Role-playing, Browser MMOs

  • Total Domination

    • Players 117K
    • Tags War, Strategy, Browser MMOs

    The world has changed. Civilization has fallen, and War is the only World Order. Build a fortress from the Ashes of your broken cities… ...

  • Battle of Crowns

    • Players 8K
    • Tags Pirates, Strategy, Browser MMOs

  • Ironfell

    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Strategy, ...

    An Indie MMORTS with an unfair approach to balance Ironfell is a time travel themed massive multi-player online real time strategy (MMORTS) game. You ...

  • Uptasia

    • Tags Tycoon, Strategy, Browser MMOs

  • Undermaster

    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Strategy, ...

  • Imperium Galactic War

    • Players 18K
    • Tags SciFi, Strategy, Browser MMOs

    In the Maelstrom galaxy, three mighty factions struggle for supremacy of a battle torn universe. Some fight for peace, others for glory and conquest, ...

  • Rise of Mythos

    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Trading ...

    Rise of Mythos is GameFuse's heavily extended version of Kings and Legends. The game introduces unique cards and factions that have not been available ...


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    • Players 2K
    • Tags SciFi, Role-playing, Browser MMOs

  • Pirate 101

    • Players 13K
    • Tags Pirates, Role-playing, Browser MMOs

    Sail your Pirate Ship to mysterious new worlds Create your Pirate and sail your custom ship on extraordinary adventures Recruit and train a tough ...

  • Wartune

    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Strategy, ...

    WarTune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG. Featuring three unique classes, single and multi-player dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild ...

  • Prove Your Might

    • Tags Medieval & Fantasy, Role-playing, ...