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  • Shadow Cities

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    • Tags SciFi, Role-playing, iPhone MMOs

    The Brief History of Magic For thousands of years, Magic was commonplace. Hearing voices, seeing spirits, and invoking spells were everyday things. The constant ...

  • Galaxy Empire

    • Tags SciFi, Strategy, iPhone MMOs

    After soaring through space for months, you've finally arrived on an unfamiliar planet with the mission of colonizing it. It's time to build your ...

  • Eenies at War

    • Tags SciFi, Strategy, iPhone MMOs

    Battle in beautiful WORMS™ / SCORCHED EARTH™ style cross section environments. Equip fully customizable Mobiles and Avatars! Build the perfect counter against your enemies. ...

  • Plan X

    • Tags SciFi, Manager, iPhone MMOs

    Fight to the top in a game of Mad Scientists, Evil Geniuses and Super Villains… It's Location Based World Domination for the "Smarter" player. ...

  • Geo Generals

    • Tags SciFi, Strategy, iPhone MMOs

    Description It's the year 2017. After a long lasting war, countries have ceased to exist. The world is in total chaos. It is your ...

  • Galactico

    • Tags SciFi, Strategy, iPhone MMOs

    The New Galaxy is in war with species from around the Universe, 3 distinct species colonized the frontier galaxies and each with special attributes ...