Cube - Gardens of Zen

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Puzzling zen in 100 challenging levels. Meet Sensei, his Cinjas and wonderful creatures in the world of Cube. Play through four wonderful seasons and discover the meaning of life.

Cube is a colourful 3D puzzle game on the Kalydo game platform. Play this game now, easy in your browser. 

* Also announced for Wii Ware.

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  • Eximion announces “Cube – Gardens of Zen” for Wii Ware

    (03/06/2009) Eximion game studio releases their highly anticipated game ?Cube ? Gardens of Zen? on the online game platform Kalydo. This 3D puzzle game about a young hero looking for the mysteries of life immediately won the hearts of many game enthusiasts around the world. Through solving challenging six-sided puzzles the player takes a magical journey through the world of Cube. During a successful beta period the game raised interest from both iPhone and Wii developers. More ...

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