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Finally: Vacation for all! Unfortunately not for you. Because as a hotel manager it is your duty to make the vacation wishes of your tourist come true.

Are there enough loungers on the beach?
Are the rooms refurnished?
Are there enough recreation offers?
Can I meet all expectations?

Well, in this case you can watch your satisfied guests relaxed - in a - for a browser game - unique graphical splendor. Dozens of different buildings, deck chairs and trees allow an individual design of your hotel and all those objects can be placed anywhere you like. Fluent scrolling and zooming always allows the best view on the happenings around your hotel.

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  • English Version launched

    (11/19/2009) The Hotel "Wewaii International" opens its doors. After the successful launch of Wewaii in Germany the first international server got online. More ...

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    (11/16/2008) It has been more than a year since Travian Games' first subsidiary TG-Nord opened it's doors. Starting at the beginning of 2008 the Hanover-based company has been working on a top-secret project. We've had the chance to pay them a visit and get an exclusive sneak preview. More ...

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