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Terra-Sylva is a massively-multiplayer online game, set in the future on the planet earth in a fantasy world of plants, magic and peace. Create your Vegetus and enter your piece of land on which you grow and harvest more than 150 different species of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Build and design your Vegetus habitat and learn a trade to craft magical potions, items and accessories and develop your skills and knowledge. On the community market exchange, buy and sell your goods and creations and cooperate with the community to advance in your missions and quests.

Terra-Sylva is more than a gardening or a farming game. The player immerges into a whole new, fascinating world of magic and peace, entirely made of plants. He plays a Vegetus and trains him to improve his skills and powers to advance the whole civilization. On Terra-Sylva the player decides what he does in the game and how he does it. There are plants to discover, to grow and to harvest. There are potions to make and items to craft, recipes to learn, goods to trade, missions to accomplish and treasures to find.

In this evolving world of depth and flexibility the players constantly improve the skills and knowledge of their Vegetus, to become wiser and more and more powerful.

The player can either decide to specialize in one of the great branches, that are trade, craft and cultivation, or he decides to do a bit of everything to progress on his land and advance his civilization. Enjoy cultivation in Terra-Sylva, discovering new, unknown seeds of mystic plants, grow them and find out how to use them. Breed new species; discover the lost plants and all the secrets of nature. Make your land grow larger and larger and become the most productive of all Vegetus. If you choose to specialize in craft, become a magician of the Vegetus community. Enjoy to learn the most simple up to the most complicated and mysterious recipes requiring great magic and craft skills. Impress with potions and totems that accelerate cultivations, bring abundant harvests and make appear things no Vegetus would have ever dared to dream of. Choose to specialize in trade and make your Vegetus trading post become the most popular in the community. Be the one to discover bargains, lucky opportunities and to offer the largest variety of goods on the market.

You can also strive to accomplish one of the many missions and quests that are waiting for your Vegetus. Your dedication and knowledge will be as highly rewarded as your problem solving skills, perseverance and teamwork.

Terra-Sylva has a massively multiplayer dimension and promotes multiplayer options everywhere in the game. Every land of every Vegetus is a multiplayer field as everyone can visit it and intervene on it as he wishes. Play alongside with your friends and co-players and work together in the community to fulfill quests and missions that can take minutes for the simplest up to hours and days for the most complicated ones. You can even set up a list of your friends and communicate with them during the game. Choose to interact with others or not, in Terra-Sylva you have the freedom to decide how you play.

Terra-Sylva is always improving and expanding its contents, quality and functions. Discover constantly new quests, plants, seeds, treasures, items, recipes, buildings and much more. You can even see items and functions you wish to have in the game, being added as you can submit your ideas on the forum. After having been checked by the developers, you could see your favorite content integrate the game and thus make you a part of its development.

Terra-Sylva is entirely free. Even if there is content you can purchase, you have the possibility to confect all the charged-for contents for free in the game. There is no obligation or need to pay, neither download nor subscription demanded. Just register with a valid e-mail address, receive your password and start to play.

No longer available!

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