Street Crime

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Streetcrime is a gangster world that shows you the life of a gangster as you never seen it before. Forget about text play you can do all the actions as you see them on the streets. You start with some cash and have to make it to the top. Respect is everything but you have to prove yourself in order to obtain it. When you are though enough, you will be able to take over the others' streets and beat your enemies.  But be careful the Police is watching and you can end up in jail. Enter our world where you can be whatever you want you can catch gangsters if you are a cop, you can rise up in the criminal world or be a wealthy businessman and even own your own casino with real games. You have to develop your own economy in order become a millionare. When you have millions you can build your own factories and thus you can produce yourself anything - cars, weapons or breed dogs. You can be a bar owner or even a pimp. And if you want  you can just speculate in the market and control the prices - buy cheap, sell high.

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