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Take up the role of a pirate or a merchant or a noble in this rpg strategy pirate game.
-Choose your nationality

-Unique Map
-Build up to 17 different ship types.
-Unique Ship Upgrades, 6 different.

-Trade up to 7 different resources
-21 Unique Ports to visit
-Expand your influence over each port
-Hire Crew for your ships
-Build warehouses and increase your trade income
-Setup trade routes
-Monopolize trade

-Create powerful ships and group them into fleets
-Hunt down pirates or become a pirate yourself
-Coordinate with others or sail on your own
-Fight against other players or NPC fleets
-Undertake various missions such as change nationality and more

Soon available:

-Unique items with special abilities
-Treasure Hunt
-Governor's daughter flirt
-Voodoo Spells Card System 

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