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Ondarun 3 is the new version of the racing team manager game online since 2008.

Once registered, you become a racing team manager. 

You'll start with a "TODO LIST" which gives you fundamental things to do.

Ondarun offers you the choice between 1107 different cars.

You'll have to recruit staffs among the 6 different types : Driver, mechanics, engineers, trainers, physiotherapists and doctors.

In order to reach your races, you'll have to transport them city to city, between the worldwide city list that Ondarun have.

At the start, your team is placed in a group of 24 teams against which you compete during all the season

There few types of race, the principal is the league one where you race against 23 other teams

You can follow your race results in live like it's displayed on the Ondarun Homepage

Once the season ending, if your teams is in the first rangs of your group you're promoted to higher division.

The aim is to reach the higher division (the championship).

To reach the highers levels, you'll have to manage parts. You change one of the 22 different parts available on each car.

You'll have to make your engineers researching about new classes and new functions.

You'll have to make improvment on your cars as such as "Aero Kits" and "Lightenings".

To finish you'll have manage car settings like suspension hardness, height, etc..

Will you be good enough ?

Ondarun 3 is in some key value :

  • 1107 different car
  • 6 different type of staff
  • 11 different type of engines
  • 14 different type of gearbox
  • about thousands parts
  • around a thousand cities

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