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MondoZooPark allows you to create and manage the zoo of your dreams for free!

Discover the game's magnificent 2D graphics, enhanced with great musical atmosphere.

There are more than 50 fully animated animal species settled in various enclosures, which ensure the best possible environment for them.

And because everyone is an ambitious artist inside, we've added various decorations, plants and trees to allow you to create a unique zoo.

To proove as the best zookepper you will have to pass numerous levels and missions in order to reach the ultimate 100% progress in the game. ;)


After reviewing thousands of animal species from the whole planet, we've created the ultimate selection of charming animals for you to breed in your zoo. Constantly new exciting animals are being discovered and added to the game. Dive in this extraordinary adventure through the animal world!


Discover over 25 buildings, including shops and services, which leverage your performance in the game. Build magnificent enclosures to provide the best environment for your cute animal friends. Special buildings with unique functions are also available.


Build paths to let your visitors explore your magnificent zoo. Create a unique atmosphere by adding beautiful plants and vivid decors. Plant over 20 different types of trees, water them and gather the most delicious fruits you've ever tasted!


Enter a dynamic and exciting universe full of various entertaining missions. Among the many objectives you will have to breed a particular species of animals, reach a certain level of sales and collect money from your shops, plant trees and gather fruits.

Noah's Ark

Besides the many exciting missions there is a long-term quest in the game, which requires hard work and persistency. To complete this task and save the most amazing animals on the planet you must place 42 species in Noah's Ark!

Join MondoZooPark today and explore the best zoo simulation ever created! ;)

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