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In 2113, the “great fall” happened after the largest earthquake in the history of mankind. California was torn apart from the USA collapsing the economy and causing riots across the nation. U.N. and political relationships were already falling fast because of a lack of oil reserve left in the world. Peace treaties that had been in place for centuries were being broken.

A clean everlasting power was close to development, but advanced quantum based research was being abandoned due to the collapse of the world economy. A small underground group of scientists, called the Shadow Keep, were still working in their laboratories hoping to find the solution.

They were getting close, but it wasn’t quick enough.  There was no world order.  Anarchy and chaos started taking over.

Major countries that provided export and import for the world started attacking each other hoping to get the last of the natural resources.

Factions were formed and enemies were made... Time to fight for the ones you love, your land and your FREEDOM.

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