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The aim of the game drugpusher is to travel around the world and deal with drugs.

It is full of pictures and features as well as vehicles and weapons. E.g (Ferrari,Zeppelin,Boing,Jet etc.).

The player is not only a drug trafficker he can also pimp to get alternative income.

More than 70.000 players are registred and up to 600 are online at the same time.

It is unbelivable with how many narcotics you may deal. Sometimes you get traped by police and have to decide either runing away, fight or try to touch them.

You can buy a lot of weapons for your fights with dealer or the police.

However travel around and see what you can get, than other cities offer other weapons.

E.g. You can buy a vodoo dall in Afrika you won't find anywhere else.

It's lot of fun to play the game, you always have to watch out for other dealer just waiting to rob you. Of cause you do the same :) Allways search for new ways to rip other players off.

One day you have enough money to make a new carrier in space. Travel around the galaxy and find Strange drugs you never heard of before. And the new chalange that comes over you are spacefights with other dealer and no mercy.

Have fun!

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