Sci-Fi Trading Card Game now in english

posted 12 years, 9 months ago by dreaddy

After 18 month of development and a long time in the open beta with more than 3000 players, the english version of our Trading Card Game Nanofights has finally been relased.

Our game Nanofights is an online trading card game with quick rounds and action.

You can choose cards from four factions and more than 200 cards to create your individual deck.  Nanofights emphasize community and competition in tournament and leagues.

The bigger part of the cards can be earned by playing for free. 

One of the four factions are the human, military UCW. They dedicated to protection and defence of their star empire. 

On the other side, the Outlaws focus on firepower and speed to let the enemy fear them. 

The roboters army of the Mechanoids command unbelievably endurable and strong fighters. They can control the battlefield with superior technology. 

Finally there are the most destructive alien Skarl, which annihilate whole worlds in huge counts with no regard of losses in shortest time. 

You can extend your starter deck by playing ladder games and finishing missions. This way you gain more and more tactical possibilities. 
Of course you can also trade with others directly or use the marketplace to collect and trade cards. Improve your deck and join the battlefield!

The Nanofights Online TCG is free2play! You can play as much as you like for free.

You can find our game at

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