Lands of Hope Fourth Anniversary

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The Forlorn Games team is pleased to announce that during the month of July a number of special in game events will signal the forthcoming Fourth anniversary of its browser based game Lands of Hope.

Lands of Hope was released on July 25th 2005 and has since then pushed new ground in what a browser game can do, gained over 72,000 players, spawned/created or generated over 310million items and spawned 50million monsters. Over those four years thousands of changes, tweaks and additions have been made by GM Decius and his late wife GM Tekka with many more to be made in the future!

This month has seen the release of a new content pack we are calling "Land of the Little People", a Goblin Tinkerer has lost the Goblin Town. I know you are thinking how do you lose a town, well when the Goblins keep it miniaturized for security reasons it may start to make sense! Through the aid of a Super Shrinker 5000 you will journey around the lands visiting at least ten different miniature versions of the game world in your search for the lost town.

Also those of you who play this month will be eligible for a special Anniversary prize box on the 25th of July which will contain one of three special pets.

So if you are a seasoned veteran or simply a new player looking for fun now is a great time to stop by and sample the delights of Myzan!

About Lands of Hope

Lands of Hope, is a persistent browser based online role playing game, dwarfing most other games in this genre by its size and playability.

Set in the fictional land of Myzan, you can choose to play LoH as one of 4 Allegiances (Neutral, Exile, Society and Reaper), the story is still in its infancy but revolves around the age old rivalry between the Exiles and Society and the growing power of the undead allegiance known as the Reapers.

As you journey around the 12 massive realms that make up Myzan you will encounter hundreds of monsters, thousands of quests and gain new powers.

Lands of Hope features a very comprehensive interface system that allows you to access game features through menus, there are hundreds of menus and over 800 screens that make up the game.

There are few browser based games like LoH and its staff is dedicated to ensuring that it stays like it!

Visit for more information and to signup/play.

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Well I do regular updates on other sites, its just hard getting to all of them on the net ...

Lands of Hope is now 5 years old and still around like a pair of smelly socks you just can`t get rid of her!

The latest news is there is now a Mobile phone edition of the game available at

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