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We're developing a Multi-Player browser based RPG game "DemonWar" and we are looking for Beta Testers ready for us to start testing in the news couple of weeks.
The Beta is open, anyone signing up will get a slot.
Your help will be greatly appreciated
Sign up at

About the game

The game is based on a Pen&Paper based RPG "Daemornia"

Back story:

The world as it was known is long gone. The daemons left little in their wake and the humans with their weapons almost destroyed all that remained. Despite this, many cities abandoned or destroyed during the Daemornia have since been reclaimed, though not necessarily by the humans and their allies. (click to show/hide)
The greatest loss of the war against the daemons was in the field of science and medicine. Often the knowledge remains, but the will and means are gone. Hospitals are typically basic and those in smaller towns are usually rife in disease. Magic and Psionics have taken some roles from conventional medicine, with power and skill beyond the reach of doctors.
Many cities have little, if any electricity and those that do face regular blackouts and power spikes. Custom-built generators provide heating and light for chosen areas, but usually only for those that can pay. Fossil fuels are non-existent and most do with an open wood burning fire and wax candles. Even within such cities there are areas beyond repair and completely inhospitable to all but the most determined and hardy. Wandering bands of Night Stalkers will take to such conditions where their skill of survival is unmatched by many races, as too do the daemons of Erebos, where they can act out their tasks without interference.
While there many places under reconstruction there are a few places that remain untouched by the Daemornia. Tech towns are the last surviving communities from before the daemon incursion and are in a preserved state, with schools, libraries, religious houses and recreational buildings. With an almost entire human population they continue to live by laws passed down from their ancestors. Many are known to have connections to the UEA and they have their own militia who will defend their home with all the tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans do not have the luxury of this lifestyle and have to live in far worse conditions
Shantytowns are the den of scum, criminals and the lowlifes that prey on the weak. They typically have a small population of between ten and twenty thousand, of which almost all have something to sell. They tend to form in the burnt out shells of the old cities and towns that fell during the incursion. Living conditions are generally poor with many self-claimed territories and internal borders. Despite their obvious dangers, they are an invaluable source of information and hired hands. Almost anything can be bought here, from illegal drugs, exotic weapons, off-world artefacts and even slaves. They are an unpleasant place to be in and are becoming far too common in this world, but there are places even worse than the Shantytowns these are simply known as the Fallen

We are trying to keep a good depth to the game and stay as true as possible to the original RPG. We're hoping the various options available for the players will set the game aside from the other games out there but while also being careful that new players don't get lost in a sea of choices. Most of the game has been coded using AJAX technology where required to cut down on annoying screen reloads (e.g. Inventory/Equipment screen adds/removes items without any visible page reload, items just move to their new assigned slot) so it feels like less like a "Browser Game" and as close to an installed app as we can manage. (good example of what we can achieve using this is our other project, Daemornia: Battlegrounds Online CCG - DemonWar won't be as heavily reliant on AJAX as the card battles are but we want to go for a similar feel.

OK, I think I've bored the pants off you long enough, a couple of alpha screenshots below. We will update the developers blog as often as possible with new features complete and new screenshots.

Thanks for listening,

ShavenLunatic -

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Hi there!

Do we need a special beta invitation or an invite code or can we just go ahead and play?


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just throw your name and email in the form on the main page.  Beta testing will be ready soon (week or two maximum) and it is completely open.  Once we start beta testing we will mail out login information to everyone who signed up and the url to access the beta login screen  (we may stagger the mails to build up a stress test, possibly 1 or 2 hundred at a time).  We will also continue taking new beta testers throughout testing

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