Dark Destiny - Now available in English

posted 13 years, 4 months ago by Rayden_DD


some time ago we decided to translate our game into english as well. So i don't have to repeat me i will copy the game description from my game entry here on galaxynews.

Link to game:
You may use this forum (requires no registration):


Dark Destiny is a constant-in-development space strategy game. Compared to many other games its quite complex, but if you spend some time getting into the game, i promise that you wont regret it ;)

The basic setup: You start with your homeworld research space travel and found new colonies. Over time you get faster ships and can support your colonies better with resources and population. Find the other players populating the galaxy and form alliances against your enemies.

Dark Destiny has a sophisticated combat system which allows you to take full advantage of intelligent ship and fleet design.

!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!! The game is translated to english but it's not finished 100%, so while it should be playable for you, you still might find untranslated messages. But we are working on it.

Also Tutorial (Wiki) is only available in german, but you will find help in the board. Translating takes much time and we still have to hunt many bugs, so we will do the effort of translating everything only if there is a considerable amount of english speaking players.


- Alliances and player to player diplomatic relations

- Space battles with unlimited number of ships and participating players

- Free configurable space ships

- 50 constructions

- Main resource is money

- 2D galaxy with visualization

- Effective starter protection at beginning, but you underly some restrictions while using the protection

- about 140 researches currently

- Automatic resource transport routes between planets

- Building of groundtroops which are needed for invasions on enemy planets

- Transport your invasion troops with self-designed ships

- No limitation of colony number

- Instead of defending single planets whole solar systems can be defended with one fleet

- Limited resources on planets (totally 7, 3 mineable)

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