Boycott TG Nord

posted 8 years, 6 months ago by tankgrrrl

Wewaii was a fun game... until TG Nord bought it from Travian.  Now, TG Nord is closing down many servers and deleting games without informing the players, players who have spent real money on their games.

One player (me) found out about this decision and informed others, and requested that all players be notified of the server closure; TG Nord Admin says they have done this, but none of the players I've talked to have seen any official notification.  On the forum, players have suggested some sort of incentive, like some extra game currency, to help them restart their games on another server; TG Nord Admin says only "I will see what I can do."  Players have attempted to discuss their dissatisfaction with the server closure; TG Nord Admin has repeatedly closed the threads, effectively silencing their players.

Is this normal behavior for a gaming company?  I am not very experienced in the online game world, but this all seems like exceedingly bad business practice.  I would discourage anyone from playing Wewaii through TG Nord.

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