Wanted Dead or Alive: Bounties implemented in The West

Today InnoGames has imported a brand-new update for The West. In Version 1.29 the developers realized scores of new features, which were desired by the community.

With the new update there will probably be a few troubles for some gunslingers. Because with immediate effect the players can put a reward on capturing a troublemaker. That makes sense especially, when a comparatively weak city is frequently attacked by a feisty dueler. The problem can be solved easily with a tempting bounty.

With the new update InnoGames also introduces item trade between players. Now all players can auction objects they found or work for in quests. Like in “ebay” the player can trade the items via an online-auction or sell it with the „buy it now“ option. Like many other features, the new trade and bounty possibility should enhance the interaction between the players and offers them an additional and lucrative income.

The West is a role-playing game, which guides the player into the Wild West. You play a soldier, worker, adventurer or a dueler on the hunt for adventure, gold and fortune. On your journey you will have to deal with brain teasing quests, assail stagecoaches and collect a few bounties. The game is available in 20 language versions and is played worldwide by more than twelve million registered users.

InnoGames is one of the worldwide leading developers and publishers of online games. Beside The West, Tribal Wars and Grepolis belong to the most successful games.

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