upjers crowns 5 Millionth player

One year after Christmas, the Franconian game-developers were able to make one of their players a very special surprise present.

Fortune must surely have been smiling at him when he registered yesterday, because he managed to become the exactly 5 Millionth upjers-user. So aside from the usual virtual carrots and lettuce-heads, his special welcome-package consisted of a 1-year-long free premium membership. If that's not a reason to open bottle of champagne!

upjers themselves certainly have more than enough reason to pop the corks, for with currently 10 available games, from the economy simulation Kapilands to the company's blockbuster, the colorful garden simulation Molehill Empire, the game-developers rank among the most successful German companies on the browser game market. Thanks to their innovative ideas, they managed to turn a mere hobby-project into a company of international repute.

upjers - 5 Millionth User

With currently 61 different game-worlds in Dutch, English, French, German, Polish and Russian, the colorful garden-simulation Molehill Empire is still the company's most successful game. Only 2 weeks after having launched its first server, the Polish version, called Zielone Imperium, already consists of 10 servers, with more than 150.000 registered players happily developing their own green oases. Considering that run, it is hardly surprising that the 5 million mark has been passed this quickly.

This success story is just another affirmation, proving to the dedicated team behind upjers that they are indeed on the right path. They've got neither time, nor inclination to rest on their laurels, though. The currently available games are supposed to be be joined by new developments soon, after all. The team of developers, that has rapidly grown over the past few months, is busily working as usually, at any rate, which means that the browser gaming community can already look forward to an exciting rest of 2009. And who knows, upjers might be able to crown the 10 Millionth player soon!

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