Holy War makes quantum leap

New code, many improvements and new items! The famous browser game Holy War got a completely new code, many bugfixes and hundereds of improvements! Now better than ever!

What is new?

New Premium features

  • you can change your name
  • you can change your faith
  • shoutbox for order members only
  • 12 hours of work
  • own notebook

Character and potions

  • use a drop-down button to buy potions
  • 2 new potions for 2.000 and 5.000 LP
  • you can't use potions if you have 100% LE
  • you can't use potions 5 min before a battle
  • you get to your potions by clicking on the LE display
  • you get to training by clicking on level display
  • you get to work by clicking on the gold display

Orders and battles

  • battles are every 30 minutes now
  • you can participate in a battle from level 5 on
  • orders get money back if the mercenary has less than 90 % Life Energy
  • alliances have to be confirmed by both parties
  • if you quit an order you can return after 30 days (prevents cheating)
  • order blackbord tracks user edits (prevents insults)
  • Holy Battle: You get 90 % of lost LP in Gold
  • Unique-Items for each faith (you can win them through fights)


  • you can search by exact price or price range
  • you can't hide in the arena from attacks (prevents cheating)
  • you can watch others fighting in the arena
  • you can take part in tournaments and watch them
  • find 2 games of chance in the tavern


  • plundering haul grows with your level
  • search for players of a certain order
  • deleted accounts stay on hold for 7 days
  • many different realtime higscore searches
  • much better support and mail system
  • Hall of Fame

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