EverDream Working on Unannounced Project: Code: D

EverDream Studio today gives a little more information of their highly anticipated browser based RPG, Code: D. It's still under development and supposed to be launched in Quarter 3, 2009. The official forum is available now and a Q&A contest has been going already.

Today we are happy to announce that we've got a game going live in Quarter 3, 2009. Most of you might not be familiar with us, and sorry to disappoint you there's not much info we can tell so far, as we're busy preparing closed beta key giveaway events to recruit best beta testers. 

We have been working on this untitled project in the last few months but not 


ready to talk much about it yet. The game is being developed on the company's internal web, and already had a few alpha tests secretly. What about the alpha test outcome? Allow me to quote Lean, our Project Leader,  "The biggest problem after the alpha test? I must do something to keep my staff away from playing this game. They have to get their ass back onto their work."

The official forum has already been launched and is accepting new members. For more exciting news, just keep your eyes on our forum, further info will be released soon. 

Alright, let's enjoy a few tasty backstories during the intolerable waiting time:

"In the beginning, Quillas, Father of Heaven, awoke from chaos to find that the universe was quite, vast and tedious. He then created thousands of unique worlds and separated them with boundaries. He plucked hair from his body and enchanted them with part of his power to make them gods with different capabilities. These gods were then sent to the different worlds as guardians and builders in his stead. None of these worlds was ever close to perfect and stable. The rise and fall of good and evil forces was breeding conflicts and crises. But Father of Heaven decided this should be the way, and after the order was initially established, he fell into long sleep again. "

Skip a few paragraphs, and the conflict starts here:

"In the year 148 before Stilland Calendar, the chaotic orcs successfully persuaded the darkcliff dwarves and the gray elves into a sudden strike against the human kingdoms, Glance and Stalla."Then after a long time wars and some unstable peace, "The eldest prince of Glance, while on his study tour to the other kingdoms following the old tradition, oddly disappeared when travelling across Pandar Prairie from Disarn to Weirgburg."

That's where the players will start their adventure. What will happen next, just imagine!

Interested in more information about the game? Check out this article!

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