2000€ In Prizes at Orion's Belt

Orion's Belt is proud to present the Intergalactic Tournament. Play against other players on a sci-fi chess variant for a great money prize!

The Intergalactic Tournament was just launched and you can already make your subscription. You can go to the tournament's page to learn more about the tournament. A total of 2000€ and several thousands of Orions are available to distribute to the top players.

The tournament will be held on top of the Orion's Belt sci-fi space chess variant. Players will face others on 1on1 matches, in groups of 10.

The last tournament stage will have the top 10 players that will all fight each other for the supreme prize.

About Orion's Belt

The Orion's Belt Browser Game is a new exciting skill based game where players battle on an innovative combat system.


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    The Orion's Belt Game it's a multiplayer browser game where the player can mange several planets in an hostile universe, and battle with other ...


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