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Welcome on alaplaya, a leading online games portal for multiplayer PC online games, with an active community of millions of people in all of Europe, North and South America. All you need to play online games is a PC and online access. The portal offers you amongst many features a Single Sign On (valid login & password for portal and all multiplayer games) as well as a Central eWallet for your game account.

alaplaya really cares about game quality and sets high standards to entertain you. For the high quality online games, you either start a free download of the game software (client) or you play directly in your browser (browser games). To make it as convenient as possible for you, we offer you a speed download with our download partner Akamai.

alaplaya does not charge you for playing online games– we are free-to-play. But to finance the service of the games, we are selling desirable virtual items. You may (but don’t have to) buy these to equip your game character or enjoy a little advantage or convenience. Of course, no one can buy success in the mutliplayer games. So you only pay when you are having fun with the online games: that is alaplaya’s fair philosophy.

You can top up the central eWallet of your game account easily on alaplaya with the ingame cash currency called alaplayaPoints (AP). These AP you can use across allonline games.

We are really dedicated to offer you a great time on alaplaya with its lively community, so you always find a pal to play with. So register your game account „once for all“ quickly, pick your favourite online game and get started – here at alaplaya!

Well, you have a first overview. We are looking forward to see you around – on alaplaya and ingame.


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